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ANNA-LIZE’s delicious and decadent CHOC CARAMELS, SUGAR-FREE and traditional SWEET TREATS are handmade and wrapped.

Only the best ingredients are locally sourced to ensure that our discerning clients will be delighted with the taste, quality, texture, flavour and to find bliss in the sweet moment.

Our CHOC CARAMEL collection contains the finest milk couverture. No preservatives or gelatine are used. It consists of a range of 14 flavours in different sizes, which includes rose turkish delight, cranberry & cashew, mocha coffee, cookies & cream, nutty nougat and more. Our beautiful gift boxes are the perfect addition to hampers. We will always explore new avenues to keep up with demand and trends.

The SUGAR-FREE DESSERT TOFFEE range includes unique and exciting flavours such as lemon meringue, blueberry cheesecake, peppermint crisp and more to seduce the taste buds. You’d never know it’s low-GI, carb free, tooth-friendly, add/adhd-friendly and diabetes-friendly.

Other product offerings include CARAMEL WAFFLES all the way from Holland, TURKISH DELIGHT, PEANUT BRITTLE and more.

Display units are also available.

Our luxurious gourmet treats have VARIOUS APPLICATIONS including hospitality turndowns, personalised wedding favours, banqueting, Christmas gifts, corporate events and special occasions. As an impulse purchase, it is also the ideal sweet temptation at the counter of a deli, farm stall, gift and coffee shop, pharmacy or to accompany flowers.

We are able to TAILOR-MAKE your gifts whether to say, “Thank you”, “Congratulations”, “I love you”, “Get well soon” or custom brand it for corporate end of year gifts.

As we originally started making Choc Caramels during 2007, we will always stay passionate and focused on our philosophy of taking pride and true pleasure in what we do. It is our hope and wishes that our customers will experience the fun and joy with which it was created when they unwrap the COLOURFUL PACKAGING and indulge in the down to earth homemade goodness.

Health, peace and sweet content be yours.

The Anna-Lize’s team